Mukavaa juhannusta! Happy midsummer!


Finnish midsummer ‘juhannus’ is like a mega sauna party!


People escape to summer houses, cottages, tents…

People enjoy sauna, swimming in cold waters, barbecue, drinks, get drunk…


We are boring.

We stay at home.


We have everything here, enough good food and drinks –

sauna is not ready but we enjoy just to relax, be.



peony watercolor by BLOGitse


PEONY, watercolor



Paint Party Friday



peony midsummer 2016 bu BLOGitse




12 thoughts on “Mukavaa juhannusta! Happy midsummer!”

  1. I would feel exactly the same… I’d need warmer temperatures if I was to take a dip! I adore peonies and mine in the garden are just coming to bud. You’re painting is beautiful. You inspire me to paint mine when they open. Happy PPF and Happy Midsummer to you

  2. gorgeous peony painting and photos! I like your idea of relaxing at home-and soon enough you’ll have your own private sauna to enjoy too. Happy PPF!


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