after holidays…



it’s time for new and old challenges…

I started a new course ‘from drawing to painting’.


We had to draw a composition which didn’t fit on paper,

make items bigger than they are…

It was fun but very difficult!

I had two items

sunglasses case and hand cream tube






I didn’t have time to finish this but it was good start for a new season…





Paint Party Friday



Next drawing is for Theme Art challenge September’s  ‘geometric art’


I might do more drawings with pencil.

This I call ‘movement’.





Lyijykynällä liikettä niveliin 🙂


geometrista taidetta

Teemakuun kollaasiin



Relaa viikonloppua kaikille!



Have a relaxing weekend!



19 thoughts on “after holidays…”

  1. Ohhhhh I am so impressed with your art. The first piece to make items very large is difficult but you achieved this very well. Right down to the stitches on the sunglasses case, they are perfect. Movement is a very powerful piece of art. It feels like something Japanese. I love it. Have a very nice weekend.

  2. Tervetuloa taas maisemiin, toivottavasti loma oli rentouttava!

    Kuulostaa mielenkiintoiselta kurssilta, jossa olet aloittanut.

    Itsellän luovuus tuntuu edelleen viettävän kesälomaa, mikä ei ole outoa, sillä onhan tuolla ulkona vielä niin kesäinen ilma!


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