with pencil and charcoal



Hi everyone!


I’ve drawn with pencil,

a lot!

Here are a few for


Theme Art challenge in September: ‘geometric art’



Teemataidetta geometrisin kuvioin…
















In our course ‘from drawing to painting’ medium was charcoal.

We did ‘a hand’ – huge hand.

First one was just outlines and the second was first colored with charcoal and then

‘drawn’ with chamois (and brush).

These are not ready but shows the idea…



Paint Party Friday









I’d like to know which one of these works is your favorite and why?



Just curious….



Have a relaxing weekend!



13 thoughts on “with pencil and charcoal”

  1. First of all you make your art look effortless and that is a huge compliment. The first three pieces are pull me in and take me on a trip. The lines, the angles, and the hard and soft areas, all take my imagination to different places. The other two are very well done and in proportion. So my favorite is the second one. That piece is my best adventure. Art, it effects everyone differently and that is the joy of it.

  2. Love these sketches. I really enjoy a bit of pencil sketching sometimes – it’s nice to not have to worry about colour and concentrate on the light and shadow 🙂


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