playing with acrylics…


This summer has been weird.

Some nice, sunny days and next hard wind,

rain…right now we have a storm in Southern Finland!



I played with acrylics this week.

These two are just quick strokes, whoosh, whoosh…



ink and acrylic by BLOGitse

ink and acrylics


acrylic play by BLOGitse




This painting was originally just lines but

soon I noticed it became

‘a forest’


forest, acrylic by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday




Have a relaxing weekend!




6 thoughts on “playing with acrylics…”

  1. It looks like your paintings have a stormy feel about them, like the weather! The forest looks really eerie, like just before the night when you can’t quite make out where one tree stops and another starts!


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