oh no, we got first snow!


But before snow pics

here’s ‘eyes in black’ I draw with pencil

for Paint Party Friday



eyes in black by BLOGitse


It was hard to get black good black with pencil…




For Theme Art challenge in October 2017

‘domino abstract’

here’s the collage of all six together.


domino abstract collage by BLOGitse


Before snow leaves looked like this


autumn leaves collage by BLOGitse


and after one night all leaves had frosty suits on



frosty autumn leaves collage by BLOGitse


and after two nights from that it looked like this


first 'snow' 24.10.2017 by BLOGitse


and 26.10.2017 we got ‘real snow’



second snow 26.10.2017



winter already? by BLOGitse


winter already?



marks on snow by BLOGitse


This snow is very wet,

I guess it’s all gone latest next week…so it’s not winterwinter yet 🙂



Have a relaxing weekend!





8 thoughts on “oh no, we got first snow!”

  1. Kollaasi kertoo toiveen, suuntana suoraan talven yli kesään 🙂 Oivallinen domino.
    Some on täyttynyt ensilumi-kuvista, sinä olet vielä löytänyt syysväriä.

  2. wow – your pencil drawing of the eyes is fabulous! Love all the abstracts as a collection. And snow? Oh No!! The photos are wonderful but it’s just too early for me to see snow. Happy PPF!


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