body and parts

Hi everyone!

Remember I’ve been sewing – I got two pair of pants,

one dress and a scarf ready for summertime!

I have still a couple of fabrics waiting but

so many other projects are waiting that I need a sewing break…


We visited Kiasma (the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki)

in December.

This is Pekka Kauhanen’s work –

‘Look Back and You’ll See in Front’ / ‘Katso taaksesi niin näet eteesi’


Pekka Kauhanen art by BLOGitse



29 faces February 2018 has started.

I’ll post all faces HERE

This is the first one you can see there


29facesFeb2018_#1 by BLOGitse


I didn’t know what the theme art challenge’s

theme for Feb would be but when I read this morning

‘found faces’

I thought this is perfect for that challenge too, right?

En tänä aamuna tiennyt teemakuun kollaasiin teemaa

kun olin jo ‘löytänyt’ nämä kasvot, sopinee haasteen teemaan?


And for


Paint Party Friday





Nature’s snow game is going on.

Last days nothing happened but now

it’s white all over again…

Some green needed…


flower greetings by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!






10 thoughts on “body and parts”

  1. I have joined 29 faces also! It will be a fun month! You posted a great addition to the Challenge and for PPF! Love the added greenery too. Your blog looks great. Its been a while since I have been out blog hopping…or blogging. Hope you had a Fantastic Friday and have a Wonderful Week ahead. Hugz!

  2. I envy you the ability to do 29 faces, my attention span runs out after 5 or 8, lol And personally I am wanting some of that white stuff here, we never get enough to suit me, mind you I don’t want a blizzard or anything, but would love a nice cover!


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