just faces…


Hi everyone!

My world is full of faces,

two art challenges and visitors this weekend!


All my 29faces Feb 2018

faces are HERE.

This is #13


29facesFeb2018_#13 by BLOGitse

This is also for

Paint Party Friday challenge


For Theme Art challenge February 2018

‘found faces’ or hidden faces or faces everywhere

I found from this – originally just background painting –

at least five face figures – can you find them?


fheme art 'found faces' at least five by BLOGitseTämä oli alunperin maalattu vain taustaksi kun huomasin että heipparallaa

siitä löytyi ainakin 5 kasvohahmoa, mitä erilaisempia…

Alla niistä 4 sekä haasteen kollaasi.


‘open mouth’ / ‘avonainen suu’


theme art ‘found faces open mouth’ by BLOGitse



‘big lips’ / ‘isot huulet’


theme art found faces big lips by BLOGitse



‘big nose’ / ‘iso nenä’


theme art found faces big nose by BLOGitse



‘half face’ / ‘puoli kasvoa’

or profiles / tai profiilit

because I can see at least 3 profiles here /

koska minä näen ainakin 3 profiilia


theme art found faces half face by BLOGitse



How many you can see? / Montako profiilikuvaa sinä näet?




theme art teemakuu Feb 2018 collage by BLOGitse



mango greetings by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!



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    • I can’t leave a comment on your blog (no URL/name option) and I’m not (will not) use FB.
      On your blog you have FEB 2018 in red but the title in light blue is ‘Welcome to 29 faces February 2017!’
      Something wrong?


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