guests, reading, candlelights…

Hi everyone!


We’ve been busy with guests but now and then

I’ve had a minute to start reading Cathy O’Neil’s book

‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ (Suom. Matikkatuhoaseet).

Do you know the book, read it?

I’ve just started,  interesting and scary…


This acrylic ‘trees’ painting is for

Paint Party Friday


acrylic trees by BLOGitse


Our little guests made castles for candles.


candles in the snow 1 by BLOGitse


candles in the snow 2 by BLOGitse


I’ve made more faces for

29faces Feb 2018

You find all of them HERE.





29facesFeb2018_#22 by BLOGitse





29facesFeb2018_#25 by BLOGitse



We’ve had and will have real winter,

temperatures from daytime -6°C (21.2F) to nighttime -20°C (-4F)…brrrrrr


weekend greetings by BLOGitse


Have a relaxing weekend!




10 thoughts on “guests, reading, candlelights…”

  1. Love your atmospheric abstract tree painting! I like the idea of candle holding castles-fun. Fab face paintings too. You can keep that cold-brrr is right! Lovely rose to end the post. Happy PPF!


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