13 hrs daylight…



Hi everyone!


13 hrs daylight means it’s getting light at 6 am and light light at 7 am.

Our bedroom needs extra blackout curtain. Last year we were too busy

or lazy but yesterday we bought the fabric! Now I need to sew it…


It’s time to say ‘bye bye March!’ and post final picture for

Theme Art challenge in March 2018

‘wordless STORY’

I made a story from 6 pictures,

here’s the last one and collage of all six…



wordless STORY #sanaton #6:6 by BLOGitse


Tämä on maaliskuun sanattoman stoorin viimeinen, 6/6, kuva.


and all together / ja kaikki yhdessä



wordless STORY collage #sanaton by BLOGitse



Paint Party Friday


Here’s the bigger acrylic abstract painting I promised to show you…

size is 75 x 110 cm (29 x 43″)


abstract acrylic by BLOGitse



easter flowers by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!






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  1. I can confirm that blackout curtains make a big difference! We went without for a few years and finally I bought some online. You will love it! Wonderfully cheery painting and its reminder of Spring!


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