Hi everyone!

What a week! Hubby had a dry eye again,

happens once a year. He wakes up and can’t open the left eye,

this time cornea was also rolled so the doctor had to clean it etc.

Now he’s feeling better and the eye is not that swollen anymore…


Vegetables are so yummy now and full of vitamins so

we started to drink smoothies every morning.



green smoothie by BLOGitse


I’m learning to use Procreate on my iPad. I study it step by step.

Here’s what I did today, playing with iris.


This is original


iris by BLOGitse


smudged iris by BLOGitse


This is how I ‘painted’ it for


Paint Party Friday




Theme Art summer 2018 challenge



Soon we’ll have lots of blooming peonies…


relaxing weekend by BLOGitse


Have a relaxing weekend!




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