ni hao!

Hi everyone!


Yes, my Chinese lessons started this week! 🙂

I couldn’t find how to write Chinese characters here

but with google you can see correct way to write ‘ni hao’.

I study only signs, how strokes are drawn (order etc.) and pronounced –

huh, that is hard enough – perhaps one day I’ll also study speaking…but not now.


I published more


#29faces September 2018





This is number


29facesSep2018_#14 by BLOGitse


For Theme Art Challenge in September




I made pictures with ipad



theme art 'water' #2/6 by BLOGitse



theme art 'water' #3/6 by BLOGitse




Paint Party Friday


is this


‘hidden sun’





happy apple by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!




13 thoughts on “ni hao!”

  1. I imagine it’s a very difficult language! I tried to learn Polish once (my husband’s family speak it at home) and it was so hard compared to the German, French and Spanish I’ve studied before! Happy PPF!

  2. marvelous face drawing, and I love the fun and colorful ipad art! Good for you to be taking on Chinese- I hear it’s a very difficult language to learn. Happy PPF!


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