colourful or colorful…

Hi everyone!

Colourful or colorful – for me both are okay.

What about you?


This post is quite colorful…

For Theme Art challenge in September




is this



theme art 'water' #6 by BLOGitse


and this collage

theme art collage 'water' by BLOGitse






I’ve posted ALL faces  HERE.


This is



29facesSep2018_#25 by BLOGitse


This dried sunflower

sunflower dried by BLOGitse

inspired me to paint with


watercolors and fountain pen…

inspiration of sunflower_1 by BLOGitse


but I continued to add some water


inspiration of sunflower_2 by BLOGitse

Which one you like more, number one or two, why?

Just curious…


I link this post also for

Paint Party Friday



Studying Chinese is difficult BUT I love it!

It’s challenging to learn how many strokes a sign has,

how to write it in ‘pinyin’…I’m learning step by step and

success of it is ‘a state of mind’ not a feeling, I learned today.

Day by day I learn more and I realize how I learn…small steps but I learn!

That is so amazing!!!

But at the weekend it’s time… to relax. 🙂


relaxing weekend by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!






9 thoughts on “colourful or colorful…”

  1. Nonnii, vesihaaste suoritettu, tulihan sinne myös yksi tyynen veden kuva 😀 Onnittelut.

    Tykkään tuosta ekasta kukasta enemmän, ohut tussi näyttää hyvältä.

    Colourful=colorful eli molempi parempi.

    Värikästä viikonloppua!


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