knock on wood…


I’m going to have a blogging break… 🙂

I’ll be back in November –

I need time to organize things plus we’re going to have

a short city holiday – hopefully we’ll have good weather…knock, knock…


This is for

Paint Party Friday


colour game by BLOGitse

I played with bright inks…


These are for Theme Art challenge



theme art 'red wood' by BLOGitse


theme art 'misty wood' by BLOGitse


theme art 'hidden wood' by BLOGitse


And a collection of all four I did…


wood:fire challenge collage by BLOGitse


Tämän kuun puut on tehty koska jään bloggaustauolle.

Palaan maisemiin joskus marraskuussa. Auts! sanoinko marraskuussa?!

Saas nähdä millaisissa tunnelmissa silloin –

nyt sää on kuin elo/syyskuun lopussa joskus aikoinaan…

Vitamiinia syksyyn!



I hope you all eat a lot of vitamins and feel good!


weekend vitamin by BLOGitse

See you in November!



10 thoughts on “knock on wood…”

  1. Wishing you a wonderful break, you have left us all with some very vivid artwork and images, fabulous adaptation.
    Happy PPF and I hope you return fully refreshed.


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