metal, food, digi…


Hi everyone!

The other day I noticed this rock,

and ‘a heart of stone’,  can you see it?


rocky heart by BLOGitse


My gums are still sore but no painkillers needed…


And now challenges.




Theme Art challenge November 2018




theme art ‘metal’_7 by BLOGitse



theme art ‘metal’_8 by BLOGitse




How to Survive November 2018


#17 – 23


how to survive november 2018 17-23 by BLOGitse




Paint Party Friday


black fun by BLOGitse

I did these digi pics with Procreate


digi red by BLOGitse


So far November has gone well,

and soon it’s totally gone! Yes!


Have a relaxing weekend!


have a relaxing weekend by BLOGitse


12 thoughts on “metal, food, digi…”

  1. Hello, The heart of stone is quite nice! I like when I come upon a surprise like this. Your procreate art is lovely! I would love to learn how to use the program! Have a lovely week.
    ~~ Irene


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