ballet dancer


Hi everyone!


Last week I posted dancers,

this week only one,

ballet dancer…


ballet dancer watercolor by BLOGitse

I danced ballet until ‘bigger girls’ laughed at me…

After that I’ve experienced more ‘laughs’ but

SISU (willpower) has helped…


Did you experience those moments?


Nowadays new challenges are my hobby! 🙂

Like Paint Party Friday




Theme Art December

‘gift wrapping paper’



gift wrapping paper #1 by BLOGitse



gift wrapping paper #2 by BLOGitse



happy independence day 6th Dec by BLOGitse

Image du Blog



weekend flowers by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!





9 thoughts on “ballet dancer”

  1. Beautiful dancer! The older I get, the less I care what people think I should do or shouldn’t do. Yes, I’m a crocheting, drawing, leatherworking, painting, blacksmithing, carving kind of girl. Happy PPF! to you! 🙂

  2. She’s a lovely ballerina! Yes, I’ve had those moments too – fortunately they pass and matter not a jot after a while. Love your pretty wrapping paper. Happy PPF :D)

  3. Hyvää itsenäisyyttä!

    Balettia en harrastanut lapsena, en harrastanut silloin oikeastaan mitään. Aikuisena on kyllä kokeiltu vaikka mitä tanssilajeja ja hauskaa on ollut.

    Ihastelen etenkin tuon tanssijan hametta ja miten olet saanut siitä elävän näköisen.

    Lahjapapereiden suunnitteleminen on hauskaa, huomasin, kun aloitin haastetta!


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