Lars Kepler – I’m hooked

Hi everyone!

During a break I listened three books, fourth started.

It’s a great way to listen books when sunbathing.

Lars Kepler‘s ‘The Hypnotist’ was creepy, violent but mesmerizing,

well written crime story.

I’ve always liked crime stories –

but too violent crime movies or series are not for me – listening is different.

I create people, situations, places, amount of blood etc. in my mind.

Sometimes I have to stop listening because my heart is beating too hard.

I don’t listen these books at night at all – too scary! 🙂

The Sandman would be too much to get in dreams….autch!


For ThemeArt May 2019 challenge

‘music with symbols and signs’

Toukokuun musiikkia merkkien kera


notes 2 by BLOGitse


notes 3 by BLOGitse

I link these also for

Paint Party Friday


spring tulips by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing, sunny weekend!


7 thoughts on “Lars Kepler – I’m hooked”

  1. Rikostarinat ovat kyllä kiehtovia! Mä en ole tainnut koskaan kuulla vielä äänikirjaa, vaikka oli mulla Elisan aplikaatio edellisessä puhelimessa.
    Hyvää viikonloppua:)


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