weekend abstracts

Hi everyone!

How are you? Painting/gardening/shopping/relaxing…or what? 🙂

This week I’ve been painting a few abstracts and started a big canvas with acrylics, (not finished yet)

First a quick warm-up sketch

warm-up sketch by BLOGitse

wiuh, wiuh – done!

Gouache and ink

gouache and ink abstract by BLOGitse

and just ink and water

ink abstract by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

For ThemeArt May 2019 challenge

‘music with symbols and signs’

Teemakuun viimeisiä viedään, musiikkia nuotein/merkein…


notes 4 by BLOGitse


notes 5 by BLOGitse

weekend flowerpower by BLOGitse

Have a goooood weekend!




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