We need colors!

Hi everyone!

This week has been full of colors 🙂

sky collage by BLOGitse

blue, white, orange, green…

My painting is a real mess of colors.

It was fun to slap here and there different colors.

acrylic colour mess by BLOGitse

A few details of that

acrylic colour mess details by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday


Nothing special happened this week. I’ve been painting, listening audiobooks at the same time.

Very practical! Hands are free and mind gets ‘story energy’.

How was your week?


weekend flower by BLOGitse

11 thoughts on “We need colors!”

  1. I LOVE your slapped together colors! They echo the beauty of your photography. As for what I did last week? I turned 61 on Friday–AND picked up a sweet little kitten called SnowBug Da’Bean.

  2. Oh, lovely, and sign happy colours!
    It’s been SO HOT! Here in Oregon! So glad it’s cooling down – I’ve been gardening, – visited a great garden store on Tuesday … and taught my circle how to make rose beads (post on my blog)
    Happy PPF!


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