top three

of this week:

First I heard it, then I saw it and shot a picture

(not very sharp, sorry)

great spotted woodpecker by BLOGitse

great spotted woodpecker (käpytikka)

This morning I saw this miracle

blooming orchid 28.6.2019 by BLOGitse

Usually all greens die in my care 🙂 This orchid has been sitting by itself.

Every now and then I just put it in water and back to loneliness…

and booom! this morning I found this beauty!!!


I’ve been sewing again and painting. I have several canvases unfinished. This is finished but no name.

What would you call this abstract painting?

abstract with acrylics by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

peony by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!

11 thoughts on “top three”

  1. Thanks for your comments and name suggestions for the acrylic abstract.
    I shuffled all of them, chew them with my feeling and got it: ‘Go for it!’ That’s the name now! 🙂

  2. Your photographs are stunning! The flowers are gorgeous and that little wood pecker…so awesome! I love your abstract painting. I’m currently very addicted to all shades of blue. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “blue whale.” It does remind me of water…so possible names…Journey to the Sea, Blue Whale, Reflection. I also liked the names mentioned above. So many great choices, good luck naming your painting! Happy PPF!

  3. How wonderful to see the woodpecker! Gorgeous orchid and, of course, your abstract… I can see a kite in it flying free and high. Happy PPF ?

  4. I’d call your painting “water splash’. I love seeing the various woodpeckers- and yes, you do hear them first:)
    What a beautiful orchid and a lovely surprise! Enjoy the summer, and happy PPF!


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