small drawings

because I haven’t had time to do bigger ones 🙂

But this week has been good! Still organizing things.

I found my old diaries…when I was 13, 15…I really don’t miss those days!

Have you saved your old diaries?

How do you feel when reading them?

I did these small b/w drawings one day when I needed a break and just relax.

small drawings by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

I had to add a little bit color to the top one…

red lips by BLOGitse

much better?! 🙂

For ThemeArt summer challenge

art of stone‘ with ink and colored pencils


Kivitaiteen kuva numero 4.

art of stone #4 by BLOGitse

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend!

weekend flower by BLOGitse



3 thoughts on “small drawings”

  1. E ole päviäkirjoja kirjoitellut, tuskin haluaisin lukea. Muistot ovat parempia, aika karsii niistä huonot pois.
    Kaunis kivikko! Mukavaa viikonloppua!


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