flowers, stones and tip of the day

Hi everyone!

How are you?

I’ve been trying to learn how to paint clouds and waves.

It’s hard! Looks so easy but when I try to blend the colours…oh, but I’ll try and try,

one day I can do them, clouds and waves!

Acrylic flowers are easy 🙂

acrylic flowers by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday


This is for  ThemeArt summer challenge

‘art of stone’


Kivitaiteen kuva numero 5.

art of stone #5 by BLOGitse

I try to be proactive. Make life smooth and less hassle.

Here’s my tip of the day.

‘How to Tie Shoelaces with an Easy to Release Double Knot’

I’ve tied my shoelaces like this for years…

Shoes are always ‘ready to go’ because I don’t have to fight with knot problems. 🙂


Every kid should learn this to save time and cry 🙂


Have a relaxing weekend!


10 thoughts on “flowers, stones and tip of the day”

  1. Hi there – I love your pretty flowers – simple and sweet. The colours are lovely too.
    The subtle shading of the stone is delightful. I find them hard to draw, yours are wonderful. Happy PPF :D)


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