the color in 2020

is BLUE! My favorite color!

This ‘official’ is too dark but variations are yummy.

This is my watercolor and ink ‘mainly blue’

mainly blue by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

detail #1

1_detail of mainly blue by BLOGitse

detail #2

2_detail of mainly blue by BLOGitse

ThemeArt December 2019
theme is

‘ decorated ’

Teemakuu-53 joulukuussa kuvien tulee olla
‘koristeltu’ (koristelen ‘pohjia’)





About three weeks and our days start getting longer…can’t wait.

This year I haven’t had any major problems with the darkness.
I remember years when I felt down.

In recent years I’ve learned how to survive – go to bed earlier 🙂 

A good, long sleep helps over this season! (without any kind of chemicals)

Have a relaxing weekend!

Sleep long and well!


9 thoughts on “the color in 2020”

  1. I love the blue with the bits of orange and yellow/green and those retro looking projects are so fun! I too am looking forward to longer days but am enjoying a bit more sleep this time of year:) Happy PPF!

  2. Your blue abstract is BLUEtiful! 🙂 I think you’re right about the sleeping. Winter is the time for rest after a long hard summer/fall of gardening, having fun and harvesting! 🙂 At least that’s what I believe. For me the sadness comes from the long winter, not especially the darkness.


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