true or not?

Hi everyone!

Do you think this is true or not?

not true_2 by BLOGitse

Yes, I know lips might be huuuuge nowadays but this huge? 🙂

What about this, true or not?

not true_3 by BLOGitse


These are my entries #2 and #3 for

ThemeArt February 2020
‘No, can’t be true!’

Helmikuun teema 2020 on
‘Ei, ei voi olla totta!’

Yllä olevat ovat tietenkin totta, eikö? 🙂

One of my recent paintings with acrylics,

‘blue forest’

blue forest by BLOGitse

a close-up without frames

blue forest close by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

Our winter has been a long autumn –

how about the weather where you live? (pls tell the city/country/area)

Do you believe global warming is true? I do.



Have a relaxing weekend!

tulips by BLOGitse




17 thoughts on “true or not?”

  1. Huge lips, big eyes, love those and your blue forest is wonderful. Yes, I believe that climate change is very real. I live in Florence, OR. USA. Where the weather has changed drastically. Our winter is warmer with much less rain. With that have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I LOVE your Blue Forest!!! Oh the lips, well all you have to do is watch a Hollywood movies these days and I’m sure you’ll see bigger lips than that lol! 😉 And the eyes, that person needs some sleep hee hee! Nice post!! 🙂


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