model pics

Hi everyone!

Hubby’s remote working from home till the end of this month.

Coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading globally so it’s better to act proactively…

Our travel plans and other social happenings are on hold…

but I can create at home, that’s great – like

ThemeArt March 2020

‘a picture as a model’

Teemakuu-56 maaliskuussa kuvissa on
‘kuva mallina’

modelPICS here / malliKUVAT täällä



themeart-56 #2 by BLOGitse


themeart-56 #3 by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

This acrylic painting I call

‘orange fun’

orange fun by BLOGitse


orange fun detail by BLOGitse

Let’s wash our hands with soap!

wash hands with soap by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!

12 thoughts on “model pics”

  1. Ah, your work addresses what’s on all of our minds…confusion. For your work to reflect inner turmoil is art at its best! Praying we all survive unscathed.

  2. Life has taken hold of all of us. At least we all have our art. Fabulous shared pieces there’s so much more to be seen when we look deeper. Take care of each other & Happy PPF Tracey x


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