high sky and tiny beings

Hi everyone!

How’s life?

In Finland, covid-19 infections are on the rise again.

Face mask is almost a must in public places, social pressure will increase…

This is for ThemeArt October 2020 challenge


Teemakuu-61 haastee on


themeart-61 #3 by BLOGitse

Here are a couple of my morning paintings

sketchtime #4

sketchtime #4 by BLOGitse

#5 ‘tiny beings’

sketchtime #5 by BLOGitse

Stay safe,
have a relaxing weekend!

15 thoughts on “high sky and tiny beings”

  1. I love your “high” piece, it’s very nice! 🙂 I think it should be mandatory to wear masks in public for the entire world until we can wipe this pandemic out.

  2. Fun art!
    Here we are required to wear masks around people, in public, and of course practice safe distancing. The exception is SMALL gatherings of people you know (family, friends – like those at the bridal shower I shared in my post). Keep well and happy PPF!

  3. Lovely paintings! I really love the patterns and textures and colours. Here in Toronto we are on the rise as well. I hate this so much. It’s so stressful and I wish it would go away. But we can at least express our selves with artwork. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Here in Germany the numbers are rising, too. Stay safe! Love your sky painting! Like laying on your back watching the clouds. Fun! Also love the second painting with its happy colors. Happy PPF!


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