week 7 pics – viikon 7 kuvia

Hi everyone!

This week has been…strange.

I’ve been a bit down, not depressed but

slower how I normally feel or my daily mood is.

BUT today I got my energy back, woo hoo!


Here is one of my morning sketches

sketchtime #34

sketchtime #34 by BLOGitse

Here’s a city skyline

city skyline by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

This is for
ThemeArt February 2021 challenge
‘drawn with a ballpoint pen ’
fiber/gel pen are also allowed

themeart Feb 5/6 by BLOGitse

drawn with fiber pen / piirretty kuitukynillä

Ylläoleva kuva on teemakuu-65 haasteeseen

myös kuitu/geelikynät sallittuja


Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

12 thoughts on “week 7 pics – viikon 7 kuvia”

  1. Your city skyline is beautiful! Oh, is it the winter blues? I get that every January through March…actually for me it’s been diagnosed as S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder)…I tend towards sadness and depression, and it gets worse during the very cold sunless days of winter.


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