week 17 pics – viikon 17 kuvia

Hi everyone!

I washed a paper handkerchief in the laundry today. argh!

A massive cleaning later today. argh!

But otherwise this has been a good week 🙂

End of April is also end of

ThemeArt April 2021 challenge


themeart april_2021 5. by BLOGitse


themeart april_2021 6. by BLOGitse

and all together

themeart april_2021 collage by BLOGitse

Ylläolevat kuvat ovat teemakuu-67 haasteeseen



Morning routine pic

sketchtime #45

sketchtime #45 by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday

This is bird number 3 of 4

bird_3 by BLOGitse

Have a safe and relaxing

vappu may day 2021 by BLOGitse


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