week 22 pics – viikon 22 kuvia

Hi everyone!

Oh, we’ve had amazing weather this week!

Perfect to enjoy life!!!

Our potatoes are growing but peonies look like this

peony buds 3_6_2021 by BLOGitse

Buds are still very, very small…

I’ll show you how they will look in the coming weeks


This is for
ThemeArt SUMMER 2021 challenge
‘by own fingers’

I did this with the left index finger (watercolors)

by own fingers_1 by BLOGitse

Teemakuunkesä21 haaste on
‘omin sormin’

ylläoleva on tehty vasemmalla etusormella (vesiväreillä)


These are my morning routine pics

sketchtime #50

sketchtime #50 by BLOGitse

sketchtime #51

sketchtime #51 by BLOGitse

Paint Party Friday

abstract with red dot by BLOGitse

Abstract with red dot


Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

10 thoughts on “week 22 pics – viikon 22 kuvia”

  1. Kesä on alkanut loistavasti, lämmintä on kuten kesään kuuluukin. Hyvin aloitit sormitaiteenkin, vieläpä vasemmalla sormella. Nautinnollista kesää sinulle!

  2. It’s great that the weather was so good and that everything is growing.
    The finger art and the figures are colorful and cool, but the abstract is great with the red dot like a marble run.

  3. I hope the sun shines on your peonies. They are majestic flowers.
    Wonderful art! I especially love # 51 and your abstract.
    Enjoy the weekend.


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