week 26 pics – viikon 26 kuvia

Hi everyone!

HEAT continues!

We have air source heat pump which cools perfectly in the summer time.

We sleep like babies – how about you?

Our potatoes in a bucket tasted soooo gooood!

new potatoes 25_6_2021 by BLOGitse

I’ve had fingers in the soil and watercolors 🙂

This is for
ThemeArt SUMMER 2021 challenge
‘by own fingers’


by own fingers_5 by BLOGitse

Ylläoleva kuva on teemakuunkesä21 haasteeseen

‘omin sormin’


We had a storm last week.

I was watching how the clouds came closer and closer…

storm is coming by BLOGitse


Morning routine pic

sketchtime #56

sketchtime #56 by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday


I like to draw/paint men’s faces 🙂

red lips by BLOGitse

I call this ‘red lips’



Time to do things at home, garden etc.

I’ll be back in August.

. . .

Jään bloggaustauolle. Ainakin näistä viikottaisista postauksista.

Voi olla, että kirjoitan jotain juttuja mutta saa nähdä mihin aika riittää.

Tuntuu olevan jatkuvasti jotain ‘muuta tekemistä’.

Elokuussa palaan taas rutiineihin 🙂

Rentouttavaa kesän jatkoa kaikille!


7 thoughts on “week 26 pics – viikon 26 kuvia”

  1. Heat wave here too, and thankful to have air conditioning:) Your potatoes look fab! Your painting below that immediately reminded me of a turkey:) Enjoy the summer break, and happy PPF!

  2. Beautiful storm photos and congrats on the potatoes!!! 🙂 We are having a hot summer too but decided (maybe foolishly lol) to NOT use the air conditioners this year….we wanted to save a little money on the electric bill, but I think next summer they will be installed FOR SURE!!! 🙂


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