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Hi everyone! It’s December! ONLY 5 weeks and our days will be longer. In January we’ll get about one hour daylight more than now. Can’t wait! 🙂 This is for ThemeArt December 2021 challenge ‘repeat’ Originally posted in November 2018 Ylläoleva kuva on Teemataiteen joulukuun 2021 haasteeseen ‘uusinta’ alunperin postattu marraskuussa 2018 . sketchtime #67 Paint

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week 18 pics – viikon 18 kuvia

Hi everyone! brrrr…it’s been a coooool week but next week should be warmer, a lot warmer! 🙂 ThemeArt May 2021 challenge is ‘colors 1-2-3-4’ #1/6 ONE of these colors (white background does not count as color) Next one is two colors, third with three and fourth with four colors, after that free mix   Teemakuu-68

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weekend pictures

Hi everyone! Snow, more snow. That’s our winter in Finland! I’m linking these pics for Paint Party Friday   and ThemeArt January challenge #3/6 #4/6   Here’s one of my morning routine pics sketchtime #29 Have a good weekend! Stay safe, wear mask.

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this week

Hi everyone! This week I have (too) many pics to show. This is for ThemeArt November 2020 challenge ‘no black (color)’ Teemakuu-62 haastee on ‘ei mustaa (väriä)’ Paint Party Friday It’s time for HOW TO SURVIVE NOVEMBER challenge This year theme is Black and White. You can take photos, draw, paint, play music or do

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Hi everyone! It’s OCTOBER! wow! ThemeArt October 2020 challenge is ‘high’ • Teemakuu-61 haastee on ‘korkealla’ #1 #2 Most of the mornings I’ll start with sketching, doodling… playing with colors, brushes without a plan. I’ll start posting those pics here with theme ‘sketchtime‘. Here we go, sketchtime #1-3 colorful autumn I use sketchbooks and all

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true or not?

Hi everyone! Do you think this is true or not? Yes, I know lips might be huuuuge nowadays but this huge? 🙂 What about this, true or not? 🙂 These are my entries #2 and #3 for ThemeArt February 2020 ‘No, can’t be true!’ Helmikuun teema 2020 on ‘Ei, ei voi olla totta!’ Yllä olevat

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red drink small by BLOGitse

krapu 11

KRAPU Seison punaisen oven edessä. Sen avaa pitkä, laiha, hontelo hahmo mutta näen selkeästi vain ystävällisesti tuikkivat silmät. Seuraan hahmoa pitkin kapeaa käytävää…tunnin tai sata metriä…kunnes saavumme valtavaan kristallisaliin. Hahmo hymyilee, kumartaa ja poistuu. Ensin kuulen vain tuulikellon äänen, sitten huminaa ja veden solinaa. Punainen kuningas leijuu kohti, iskee silmää, suutelee kättäni, emme kuitenkaan keskustele

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more faces…

  #29faces September 2018     pictures #8 – #11 posted HERE   This is number #9      

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summer 2018 by BLOGitse

bye bye summer 2018!

  Hi everyone!   How are you? How was your summer? Our summer was long, hot and dry! 🙂 It was good to be offline – I noticed that I can live ‘normal life’.   Here are some summer 2018 shots…   If you remember I promised to learn iPad pro and Procreate. You can

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oat on color by BLOGitse

ho-ho-holiday…summer holiday

will start on Monday…   I’ll be offline until September, yes! It will be traveling, a painting course, hopefully more sun and warmer days!   We eat oatmeal porridge every morning – our tummies are happy! 🙂   I’ll be back after oat threshing here in Finland.         negative colors    

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