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true or not?

Hi everyone! Do you think this is true or not? Yes, I know lips might be huuuuge nowadays but this huge? 🙂 What about this, true or not? 🙂 These are my entries #2 and #3 for ThemeArt February 2020 ‘No, can’t be true!’ Helmikuun teema 2020 on ‘Ei, ei voi olla totta!’ Yllä olevat

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painting again

Hi everyone! We’ve had a couple of SUNNY days! WOW! I’ve been painting, with watercolor, acrylics, ink… It feels so good to play again 🙂 a detail Paint Party Friday   I’ll post more paintings in the coming weeks…   This is for ThemeArt February 2020 ‘No, can’t be true!’ Helmikuun teema 2020 on ‘Ei,

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weekend abstracts

Hi everyone! How are you? Painting/gardening/shopping/relaxing…or what? 🙂 This week I’ve been painting a few abstracts and started a big canvas with acrylics, (not finished yet) First a quick warm-up sketch wiuh, wiuh – done! Gouache and ink and just ink and water Paint Party Friday For ThemeArt May 2019 challenge ‘music with symbols and

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Pekka Kauhanen art by BLOGitse

body and parts

Hi everyone! Remember I’ve been sewing – I got two pair of pants, one dress and a scarf ready for summertime! I have still a couple of fabrics waiting but so many other projects are waiting that I need a sewing break…   We visited Kiasma (the Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki) in December. This

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a painting by Santiago Ydáñez by BLOGitse


  Hi everyone! On holiday in Málaga, we visited CACmálaga – Contemporary Art Center of Málaga   I was staring this huge 240 x 300 cm (94 x 118 in) painting by Santiago Ydáñez     Look at these eyes. Especially the left eye, amazing!       My early bird is from another planet,

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acrylic black and white painting by BLOGitse

weekend #23 – black and white

  my entry for   Paint Party Friday   no name, acrylic         two details         I had an eye control today. There’s still a tiny, tiny ‘drop’. Hopefully it goes away and   my sight will get totally sharp with time. No glasses needed but good light yes.

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dancing she devil by BLOGitse

weekend #14 – aboriginal art

    but first my ‘art’ 🙂 for   Paint Party Friday   She-Devil dancing   ink marker, watercolor       detail of her face       And now real art from Australia. I shot these pictures in MCA Sydney.   First details…               and this is

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details of rubber glove watercolor painting by BLOGitse

weekend #13 – back at home in Helsinki

  Hi everyone!   After a long and interesting holiday I’m in Helsinki again.   It was soooo good to sleep in own bed, aaaah!   I will post several weeks about our trip – I took over 1.000 photos! and some of them I want to share with you…   As you know I

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water soluble wax pastels painting by BLOGitse

playing with water soluble wax pastels

  I played with water soluble wax pastels. Here’s what I did in my sketch book.     PAINT PARTY FRIDAY       Do you see something in this? (I don’t!)  What would you call it?     Last weekend I posted art in EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art.   I’m sure

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pine branch by BLOGitse


      It started from this pine branch….I got an inspiration     to digitalized it     This digital version was  an inspiration for my watercolor painting, just inspiration.       Paint Party Friday     On Saturday we visited EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art     A piece of art

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