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Jaume Plensa in Emma by BLOGitse_1

Restor, Plensa and mm

  HI EVERYONE!   I can see without glasses!!!   So you can imagine how happy I am 🙂     Night glasses to wear for one week after Restor multifocal lens operation. Two more weeks to put eye drops three times a day.     •     Here in Helsinki the weather is

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soul food

  week #50 photos       makroviikko/macro week challenge #84   teema / theme:   3 x 12     Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:     Ei ihan makro mutta hyväksyttäneen…     Other entries:   Shadow Shot Sunday2     Sundays In My City       I visited CAC Málaga *

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ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki

  photos of the weekend #46 / The ARS 11 exhibition in Kiasma, Helsinki part 1.   “The ARS 11 exhibition investigates Africa in contemporary art. In addition to artists living in Africa, the show also features others who live outside the continent, artists of African descent as well as Western artists who address African

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holiday in Sydney continues…

We visited Museum of contemporary art – MCA –   Annie Leibovitz‘s exhibition ‘A Photographer’s Life 1990 – 2005’   Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures inside…         “Annie Leibovitz has been making powerful images documenting American popular culture since the early 1970s, when her photographs began appearing in Rolling Stone Magazine. Ten

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What is art?

What is art?   Art stimulates different parts of our brains to make us laugh or incite us to riot, with a whole gamut of emotions in between. Art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves. For some people, art is the entire reason they get out of bed in the morning.

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