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Happy Midsummer! Mukavaa juhannusta 2020!

wow, it’s Midsummer weekend! Here in Finland we have amazing weather, wow,wow! Last week Paint Party Friday linky was off, let’s see if it works this weekend. This ‘dancing queen’ is for PPF.   This is for ThemeArt summer 2020 ‘summer feelings’ Teemakuu-59 kesän haaste on ‘kesätunnelmia’ In Midsummer we eat new potatoes, herring with

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Sibelius, Kusama and me

  8.12.2016 is composer Jean Sibelius‘s day (8.12.1865 – 20.9.1057) I love his music.   Finlandia Hymn is mostly sung in Finnish but these guys sing it quite well in English, right?   There are lots of versions of this piece also called ‘A Song of Peace’.       The other day I visited

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Kompassitori, Helsinki_1 31.3.2016 by BLOGitse

spring is here!

  Yes, spring is here but it’s still cool…   It looked like this on Thursday 31.3.2016  by the sea in Helsinki, Finland             A few days ago I shot these little beauties in our garden             What are these? I am NOT a horticulturist,

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abstract detail_1 by BLOGItse

more abstract ink and watercolor sketching…

    for   Paint Party Friday                     Details are from this sketch (posted earlier this week)     The other day I visited Tallinn, Estonia – just for a day.   I bought some medicine and cosmetics plus some alcohol – cheaper than in Finland…

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shoes for painting by BLOGitse

weekend #30 – painting outdoors

  The other day I painted outdoors,   I found a good, private spot 🙂   Paint Party Friday   ‘these shoes are made for walking….’ and painting           Have a relaxing weekend!     ps.   I can NOT comment on your blog   if you don’t have name/URL option

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brush sketch by BLOGitse

weekend #29 – be there!

  here’s my entry for   Paint Party Friday     I try to sketch, just relax and let it go… Not easy because I’m a control freak but this kind of painting feels really good!     ♦     We have thousands of international visitors in Helsinki right now. On Thursday I was

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watercolor trees by BLOGitse

weekend #28 – summer greens

  My entry for   Paint Party Friday   is green   trees I saw from a window…         and a few close-ups       And now a few photos with green           Here’s music I love, to listen and DANCE! Do you like this kind of

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Dianthus Caryophyllus, neilikka, watercolor painted by BLOGitse

weekend #26 – green June shots

  but first my entry for   Paint Party Friday       bunch of Dianthus Caryophyllus     In Helsinki it’s green, really green!       Have a relaxing weekend!

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weekend #25 – Happy Midsummer!

  Leppoisaa juhannsta kaikille!   Happy Midsummer!         I watched a video on YouTube trying to learn how to paint a cherry,   not perfect but it was good practise!   made with acrylics     Paint Party Friday      

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just abstract acrylic painting by BLOGitse

weekend #24 – Kaarina Kaikkonen’s art

  but first my entry for   Paint Party Friday     abstract, no name, acrylics       and now Kaarina Kaikkonen´s installation “A Waltz to Life”   in The Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland   ‘In honor of the museum´s 50th anniversary artist Kaarina Kaikkonen has designed an installation of 2000 used shirts,

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