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MoM #133 mystery by BLOGitse

mom – it’s orange #133 – from Sydney 3

  This is my last   Mandarin Orange Monday   post from Sydney…   Next time I’ll post from home   Helsinki, Finland again…   sigh     This is the mystery shot…..       of   this original   ‘a plate full of mixed watercolors’   seen here at the weekend.    

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geometrical tree in Sydney by BLOGitse

weekend #12 – from Sydney 3

  It’s our last weekend in Sydney!   Sigh, but we’ve had a great holiday!   I apologize not visiting your blogs –   we’ve been most of the time outside and   when in we’ve been sleeping! 🙂     Next weekend I’ll visit your blogs, I promise!!!     This amazing tree is

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mom #132 mystery by BLOGitse

mom – it’s orange #132 – from Sydney 2.

    This is my mystery shot for   Mandarin Orange Monday   this week         You can NOT guess that it’s….     a giant octopus on a submarine Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia     Here’s how it looks further…       Have a good week everyone!     Even

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Sydney building by BLOGitse

weekend #11 from Sydney

  Oh – it’s Friday again! 🙂   Too much to do too little time – even on holiday! This weekend is full of birthday parties and family gatherings…I hope it’s not going to rain the whole weekend like right now…     This Sydney skyscraper is for   Geometric Friday        

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MoM #131 by BLOGitse

mom – it’s orange #131 – from Sydney

    This weeks mystery MoM looks like this   very orange…   Want to see the original photo?   Here we go     walking ad in Sydney 19.2.2015     Have a good week everyone!     Even if I’m on vacation I promise to visit (sooner or later) all those bloggers who

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geometric friday #20 by BLOGitse

weekend #9 BULA!

  BULA!   from F I J I !       Palm tree leaves for   Geometric Friday   It’s been hot, humid – 94% – we’ve had it all – sun, rain, thunderstorms, hot and cold drinks…   I found these ‘red soft prunes’ in a supermarket, actually they’re orange – I did

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birthday rose by BLOGitse

feasts in Málaga

    Last week was my birthday, I got this rose from a friend….     birthday rose for   The Weekend in Black&White       There’s been ‘El Carnaval de Málaga‘ but I’m not crazy about crowds so I have only a few shots…     Tall girls, tall shadows 🙂   Shadow

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still old year 2013 in Malaga city by BLOGitse

back at home…

  Hola a todos!   I had a good, long break and now ready to rock again! Oh, it’s a new year, 2014, happy this year everyone!   How are you??? I’m fine. Had my right eye operated a couple of days ago (astigmatism). I’m so happy I don’t need glasses anymore and I will

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Malaga mix by BLOGitse

winter break – happy holidays!

  Hi everyone! I’m going to have a winter break, back on track…next year! 🙂 in January….     Shadow Shot Sunday2            Sundays In My City       Happy holidays! All the best for a year 2014!   ♥    ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo 2014!   ♥   Kiireetöntä Joulua

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window bw by BLOGitse

11 weeks in Malaga, Spain, 6.

  week 6 in Málaga, Spain     My hubby came to Málaga yesterday! jeeeee! He’s doing some work right now but after that we’ll go for a long walk. Really nice to have company, my best friend!     Have a relaxing weekend everyone!     b&w version of a window original    

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