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winter 2019 in Finland by BLOGitse

different faces

  Hi everyone! This winter Finland has been a real winter paradise. This is a snow face of nature       These ink faces are for #29faces Feb 2019

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digital summer flowers by BLOGitse

Viikon 6 krapu

  Krapu on uusi kirjoitushaaste, jonka löysin SusuPetalin blogista. Tarina, 100 sanaa, joihin pitää sisällyttää sanat: krapu, lumi, päivä, aika.     KRAPU Kävelin kauppaan eräänä syyskuisena päivänä. Jo kaukaa

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guess who by BLOGitse

this and that

  Hi everyone!   It’s February! jeeeeeee! I’m full of energy and so ready for spring!   #29faces starts again, this is my first picture   #1     All

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la-la-la by BLOGitse

la-la-laa more light every day!

  Hi everyone! It’s true, our mornings are getting lighter day by day, la-la-laa!     Paint Party Friday     This week I did pilates session at home. It

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snow snow by BLOGitse

more snow…

  Hi everyone! Oooh we got more snow, had to shovel some of it out from the terrace, this much we had it! Approx. 40 cm / 16 “  

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real snow blanket by BLOGitse

1+1, pilates, snow…

  Hi everyone! Look how beautiful it looks right now:   What a snow blanket!   Many, too many, years ago I did Pilates which I started again. From the

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weekend flowers by BLOGitse

here we go again!

  HAPPY THIS YEAR to all my readers!   I’m so ready to be back on track – we had a lazy and unstressed holiday. Did you have a good

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step one of glad wrap painting by BLOGitse

painting with glad wrap

  Hi everyone! You remember my ballet dancer paintings here and here. This is how I made those skirts with glad wrap       just add watercolors on wet

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ballet dancer watercolor by BLOGitse

ballet dancer

  Hi everyone!   Last week I posted dancers, this week only one, ballet dancer…   I danced ballet until ‘bigger girls’ laughed at me… After that I’ve experienced more

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