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how to survive november 2018 24-30 by BLOGitse

this is it! end of November 2018!

and it wasn’t that bad this year! How was your November?   I survived with these challenges   How to survive November 2018     Theme Art challenge November 2018

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rocky heart by BLOGitse

metal, food, digi…

  Hi everyone! The other day I noticed this rock, and ‘a heart of stone’,  can you see it?     My gums are still sore but no painkillers needed…

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rose petals and inks by BLOGitse

ppf…how to…theme art… – challenges

Hi everyone! I publish this exceptionally before Friday because I have a small surgical operation (teeth) on Thursday morning. If I’m in poor condition it’s better to post these now…

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eraser drawing by BLOGitse

busy November

  Hi everyone!   How are you???   My break was good and too soon gone 🙂 Today I noticed how busy this month is…. Here you can see a

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colour game by BLOGitse

knock on wood…

why? I’m going to have a blogging break… 🙂 I’ll be back in November – I need time to organize things plus we’re going to have a short city holiday

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what are these by BLOGitse

patterns of nature…

What do you think about this structure? Do you know what this plant is?   a hint   Yes, a dried sunflower.   Here’s one tiny seed   perhaps a

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theme art 'water' #6 by BLOGitse

colourful or colorful…

Hi everyone! Colourful or colorful – for me both are okay. What about you?   This post is quite colorful… For Theme Art challenge in September   ‘water’   is

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me as animal 'mongoose' by BLOGitse

more water and faces…

  Hi everyone! Any idea what animal I look like? hahah, This is Creative Saturday’s challenge This is me with an autumn scarf 🙂   ‘mongoose’ / mangusti    

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theme art 'water' #2/6 by BLOGitse

ni hao!

Hi everyone!   Yes, my Chinese lessons started this week! 🙂 I couldn’t find how to write Chinese characters here but with google you can see correct way to write

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more faces…

  #29faces September 2018     pictures #8 – #11 posted HERE   This is number #9      

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