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autumn colors

Hi everyone! Did you know that Finland is the heavy metal country, with more than 50 metal bands for every 100,000 people? Check this CAPITAL OF METAL I like all kinds of music, some heavy too but soul, funk, rock, jazz, classical, R&B…are my favorites. What’s your favorite music? Bands? Singers? We don’t have that many autumn

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this week…

has been ‘normal’… A little bit creative work, a little bit housework, a little bit being outdoors (more at the weekend), a little bit yummy food, a lot of fruit and vegetables 🙂 How about your week? ink and acrylics flowers for you Paint Party Friday ThemeArt September 2019 theme is ‘fifty’ This month I’ll

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top three

of this week: First I heard it, then I saw it and shot a picture (not very sharp, sorry) great spotted woodpecker (käpytikka) This morning I saw this miracle Usually all greens die in my care 🙂 This orchid has been sitting by itself. Every now and then I just put it in water and

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it’s Midsummer!

Hi everyone! It’s the time of the year when most Finns are escaping to summerhouses or at least to countryside to BBQ, drink, swim, celebrate midnight sun. This is also the time when most Finns start their summer vacation, on average four weeks. I call this ‘Midsummer abstract’… Paint Party Friday   Hope you all

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We need colors!

Hi everyone! This week has been full of colors 🙂 blue, white, orange, green… My painting is a real mess of colors. It was fun to slap here and there different colors. A few details of that Paint Party Friday   Nothing special happened this week. I’ve been painting, listening audiobooks at the same time.

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this and that

Hi everyone! Do you remember this leather skirt with metal buttons and cute hem? I had one…I was slim and very young 🙂   These digipaintings are for Paint Party Friday This is abstract but I can see a bird – what do you see?   For me this is a bug – for you?

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abstract bw in colors by BLOGitse

I’m not an artist…

but I LOVE drawing, painting, photographing… This week I’ve drawn some croquis Original paper is white but I changed it negative. I found this abstract (ink) painting I did a couple of week ago, originally black on white… Here’s a detail of the original   For ThemeArt March challenge ‘picture tells a story’   Maaliskuun

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abstract acryl by BLOGitse

spring break…

  Hi everyone!   How’s your life? Busy, happy, sad? My life is good, as busy as I want/need it to be… If I have too many projects and start feeling…uneasy, I try to calm down/choose what is most important…   Important is…   We’re having a short holiday in Spain 🙂 plus I start

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wordless STORY #sanaton #6:6 by BLOGitse

13 hrs daylight…

    Hi everyone!   13 hrs daylight means it’s getting light at 6 am and light light at 7 am. Our bedroom needs extra blackout curtain. Last year we were too busy or lazy but yesterday we bought the fabric! Now I need to sew it…   It’s time to say ‘bye bye March!’

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how to survive November 2017 #1 by BLOGitse

November came and snow left :)

  Hi everyone! The snow we got last week is all gone but November is here and it’s time to create images for How to survive November 2017 by Lepis. Theme is ‘SHADOWS and REFLECTIONS’ My first image, a shadow of a hand…     This image is for Paint Party Friday and Theme Art

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