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accidents and snakes…

Couple of days ago I was in our garden wondering what’s going on.It was TOO quiet…like the end of the world.Next day I saw this and heard the story. This truck fell over. The driver was under drugs. He lost the control of the vehicle.Most of the truck drivers make too long days. They get

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bus accident – again!… bussionnettomuus – taas!

These kinds of accidents happen far too often here in Egypt!Speeding, irresponsible driving in general kills 8.000 people yearly.In this year that figure is certainly higher… Näitä onnettomuuksia tapahtuu Egyptissä aivan liian usein!Ylinopeudet, holtiton liikennekulttuuri yleensä, tappaa 8.000 ihmistä vuosittain.Tänä vuonna tuo luku on varmasti suurempi… The article is here / uutinen täällä:

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