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spring, spring – oh, yes!

Hi everyone! Finally it’s spring here too! I’ve been sunbathing twice, naked, of course 🙂 Our terrace is totally private – sky is the limit! You remember I did sewing, here are the tops I made, waiting for warm, summer days… These are for April ThemeArt challenge ‘fashion’ Teemataiteen huhtikuussa luodaan ‘vaatemuotia’ #4/6 #5/6 I

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wordless STORY #sanaton #6:6 by BLOGitse

13 hrs daylight…

    Hi everyone!   13 hrs daylight means it’s getting light at 6 am and light light at 7 am. Our bedroom needs extra blackout curtain. Last year we were too busy or lazy but yesterday we bought the fabric! Now I need to sew it…   It’s time to say ‘bye bye March!’

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almost icecream by BLOGitse

creative madness…

  photos of the weekend #48 / creative madness   I love music, art, theater, dance…   This autumn has been inspiring. I’ve learned a lot about painting, colors and different mediums. I like acrylic paints, watercolors, Chinese ink and galligraphy brushes are also interesting. Or acrylic crayons. Add a drop of water and the

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fashion in paper poster by BLOGitse


  photos of the weekend #45 / Bienvenido! Madrid, Spain      Did you noticed my absence last weekend?No!? 🙂   I was in Madrid, Spain but now back at home in Helsinki.   First I take you to Instituto Italiano de Cultura in Madrid. ‘Fashion In Paper’ ‘A collection of outfits, jewellery and other

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macro week #31 'warm' by BLOGitse

warm and hey! hey or grass?

  photos of the weekend #43 / macro week and hey! hey or grass? 🙂     makroviikko/macro week challenge #31      teema/theme: lämmin / warm     This is a detail of my acrylic painting base… Akryylimaalauspohjan yksityiskohta…     Hey! is this hey or grass or what? I shot this plant while

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