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Aussie memories + some Icelandic… Aussi muistoja ja vähän islantia…

I cleaned up my computer yesterday…Now I have about 19 GB more space!I moved almost all of the full resolution pictures on to hard-disc…While surfing the pics I found these from our Aussie trip…to cheer up your day! 🙂 Tyhjensin eilen tietokoneesta melkein 19 gigaa täysresoluutiovalokuvia ulkoiselle kovalevylle…Kuvia selatessa muistelin Aussireissua…Tässä muutamia kuvia päivänne iloksi!

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via Melbourne to Adelaide, Australia… Melbournen kautta Adelaideen, Australiaan…

I’m sorry if my posts are boring – no everyday life happenings…The truth is – nothing happens right now! I just post our holiday pics to people & my blogs…that’s it…Few more days, please… This pic was taken at Melbourne airport… Have you seen these somewhere else? Yllä oleva kuvan otin Melbournen lentokentältä… Oletteko nähneet

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our holiday trip to Australia… Australian lomareissu…

Our AMAZING trip to Australia, Adelaide (get together with families, relatives, friends) via Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Melbourne are in photographs/video clips… I took over 3.000 photos, few will be on my blogs… I’ve started to upload them…want to see more? go here! Aussireissu Adelaideen (perheiden, sukulaisten ja ystävien tapaamisissa) via Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland,

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