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autumn by BLOGitse

tired leaves

  Amazing autumn! It’s been long, sunny and not too cold. But leaves are tired and raking has been my daily routine…       Paint Party Friday         Have a spooooky weekend!  

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still alive lonely flower by BLOGitse

flower stimulation

    Right now it’s raining, still dark… Shorter days and rain, not nice but colors keep up good spirit (with good lights).     Paint Party Friday     This flower was an inspiration to paint those flowers with ink pen and watercolors.       Have a relaxing weekend!     ps. just

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beginning of the painting by BLOGitse

painting on wallpaper

  I tested white wallpaper for ‘Theme month’ challenge here.   With ink, soft pastels and sprayed water I created this plant painting for   Paint Party Friday     left: ink version, right: added soft pastel     details     Final work       A couple of images shot near where we

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Matinkylä beach Espoo Finland by BLOGitse

it’s calm…

  Hi everybody!   This week has been chilly, sunny and calm…     it looks like autumn and it feels like autumn…     no need for a fan before ‘next year’ 🙂   My entry for   Paint Party Friday     made with ink and watercolors       Have a relaxing

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maple leaf by BLOGitse

a sign of autumn

It’s here, autumn…so far it’s been nice, some days are very sunny and not too cold (yet)… actually very pleasant autumn…       this leaf was an inspiration to try watercolors again…after tooooo long break       my entry for     Paint Party Friday         Have a relaxing weekend!

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my painting on the wall by BLOGitse

after blogging break…

  it’s good to be back!!!     Our move from Helsinki to Espoo was hard work – we had and still have too much stuff! BUT we’re happy here – we have a small house with a huge terrace and a small sauna and storage building. It takes less than 30 minutes by buss

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shoes for painting by BLOGitse

we’re moving – blogging break, back in September

  This is my last summer entry for   Paint Party Friday   ink and watercolor         BLOGGING BREAK – I’LL BE BACK IN SEPTEMBER!         We’ll move from a flat in Helsinki, Finland to a small house in Espoo (a city next to Helsinki, 26 mins by bus

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pear by BLOGitse

weekend #31 – knock on wood

  but first my entry for     Paint Party Friday     ‘a pear’   ink & watercolor     I hope you have name/URL option to leave a comment on your blog – I’d like to interact with you!     The other day   I put my camera down, down…   You

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shoes for painting by BLOGitse

weekend #30 – painting outdoors

  The other day I painted outdoors,   I found a good, private spot 🙂   Paint Party Friday   ‘these shoes are made for walking….’ and painting           Have a relaxing weekend!     ps.   I can NOT comment on your blog   if you don’t have name/URL option

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brush sketch by BLOGitse

weekend #29 – be there!

  here’s my entry for   Paint Party Friday     I try to sketch, just relax and let it go… Not easy because I’m a control freak but this kind of painting feels really good!     ♦     We have thousands of international visitors in Helsinki right now. On Thursday I was

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