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la-la-laa May, oh May!

🙂 yes, I’m (still) so ‘May happy’! (Even though it was snowing in the morning!) How about you, are you happy? ThemeArt May 2020 challenge is ‘in the kitchen’ Teemakuu-58 toukokuu haaste on ‘keittiössä’ Here’s another rosemary and a radio which I carry with me from room to room when not listening our main radio.

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What a May!

My whole body rocks for May! Every time I go outside or look out of the window – my heart goes bum-bum-bum 🙂   ThemeArt May 2020 challenge is ‘in the kitchen’   Teemakuu-58 toukokuu haaste on ‘keittiössä’ #1 rosemary / rosmariini #2 This weekend it’s Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day! Many mothers will get

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Welcome May!

Ooh, May, welcome again! This is my favorite season. Every day I can see more and more GREEN! Buds conquer my sight 🙂 L-O-V-E-L-Y When I paint I always use the leftover paint. Like this: What do you do with leftover paints, acrylics? Paint Party Friday   Take care!  

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theme art-57 #5 by BLOGitse

“todays are packed”

Hi everyone! This week has gone like a wind 🙂 It’s been very sunny and beautiful spring time!   ThemeArt April 2020 challenge is ‘today’ TODAY I show you these quick ink and watercolor morning sketches and all six together Teemakuu-57 huhtikuun haaste on ‘tänään’ TÄNÄÄN tässä muutama aamun muste ja vesiväri pikamaalaus ja kaikki

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#29faces Sep 2018 first four pics posted

      Ciao! Hello! Hei! Hej! Moin! Salut! everyone!   Just posted first four pictures for #29faces challenge this September.   You’ll find ALL faces HERE.   This is one of the four   #1   I will post faces on Tuesdays and Fridays.   If you participate for this challenge let me know

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Pacharan by BLOGitse

hello, how are you?!

Hi everyone! Good to be back. My blogging break was long and good. I’m not sure if I want to post every week during this summer but we’ll see…   How’s your life?   A memory from Spain   Pacharan or Patxaran is our favorite drink with espresso…   Before Spain I had one session

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abstract acryl by BLOGitse

spring break…

  Hi everyone!   How’s your life? Busy, happy, sad? My life is good, as busy as I want/need it to be… If I have too many projects and start feeling…uneasy, I try to calm down/choose what is most important…   Important is…   We’re having a short holiday in Spain 🙂 plus I start

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trees in pink, watercolor by BLOGitse

painting, drawing, sewing…

    that’s what my week has been… This watercolor painting is for   Paint Party Friday   I got inspiration from a youtube video   ‘trees in pink’   a detail of it       For Theme Art challenge April 2018 ‘creativity’   This time I used     Teemataiteen luovuus pääsee valloilleen

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bw rose by BLOGitse

only self-made art…

    Hi everyone!   Aah, spring – I love this time of the year! Blackbirds are singing like crazy! and loud!     I don’t sing but I draw. 🙂 Like this rose   for Paint Party Friday   I draw with pencil     In May I’ll start a portrait drawing course. Can’t

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creature by BLOGitse

creature and creativity…

Hi everyone! Are you back on track after long weekend? I am. Done this and that. I did sew that blackout curtain – it really works!   I follow several artists on youtube. It’s so inspiring to see how they create their works… •   This creature is for Paint Party Friday     Here’s

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