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Hi everyone! What you’ve been doing this week? I exercise every weekday, mornings. Now I don’t have any pain anywhere. I want to keep my body as flexible as possible. But it means I have to do something almost on daily base. I like routines and rhythm in my life. How about you? – –

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Moi taas! Viime viikko oli rauhallinen. Tällä viikolla onkin sitten ollut ohjelmaa, ihan tarpeeksi mutta ei liikaa. Sellaista syksyn kiirettä. Jotkut ehtii säilöä, rapsuttaa ja kupsuttaa. Säilötkö sinä? Minä yritin joskus mutta nykyään ostan sen mitä kaksi aikuista tarvitsee. Tässä tämän viikon kuvia. Teemataiteen haasteen ‘runosta tehty’ Kaikki viisi kuvaa yhdessä Pics above are for

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only one frosty morning

Hi everyone! We’ve had only one frosty morning so far, on Tuesday. It looked like this after this rain, grey, rain   This is for ThemeArt October 2020 challenge ‘high’ Tämä kuva on teemakuu-61 lokakuun haasteeseen ‘korkealla’ #5/6 I’ve continued morning sketchtime, it’s like morning body stretching 🙂 Do you wake up your art tools? 

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autumn eyes

Hi everyone! brrrrr. It’s cooler than last week but life is good. I played with birch leaves 🙂 This is for ThemeArt October 2020 challenge ‘high’ Teemakuu-61 haastee on ‘korkealla’ #4/6 Paint Party Friday Finally my morning sketches, sketchtime #6   These are the rules here: keep distance, wash hands, wear a mask (if you

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maple tree 1 by BLOGitse

this weekend

Hi everyone! It’s difficult to come up with a title for a weekend post 🙂 I don’t write stories, I show them with pictures. This week I’ve noticed how dark it is in the mornigns, leaves are falling…I took these pics last week ThemeArt October 2019 theme is ‘OLD and…’ Teemakuu-51 lokakuussa taiteillaan otsikolla ‘VANHA ja…’

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more colors

Hi everyone! Yes, finally we got more colors. Look at this autumn candy 🙂 ThemeArt October 2019 theme is ‘OLD and…’ Teemakuu-51 lokakuussa taiteillaan otsikolla ‘VANHA ja…’ Here they are #2a OLD and TODAY’S VERSION of an old digital drawing #2b Paint Party Friday   I’m fighting with high blood pressure. I might have hypertension (both

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eyes in black by BLOGitse

oh no, we got first snow!

  But before snow pics here’s ‘eyes in black’ I draw with pencil for Paint Party Friday       It was hard to get black good black with pencil…       For Theme Art challenge in October 2017 ‘domino abstract’ here’s the collage of all six together.     Before snow leaves looked

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autumn red by BLOGitse

it’s autumn…

  Hi everyone! We can see it, we can feel it, autumn.   Soon nights will be below zero…   I walk and shoot photos at the same time…       The picture above inspired me to paint with watercolors…   hahah, not very good but it was meditative to play with colors…  

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autumn drawing by BLOGitse when she was 7 years old

MANY years ago…

  I made this drawing years ago…I was 7 years old!!!     hahahah, sorry if this not a fair entry for   Paint Party Friday   but I had to post it…it’s so…cute 🙂     November goes on,   here are days 4, 5 and 6 pictures.   ‘How to survive November’  

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autumn by BLOGitse

tired leaves

  Amazing autumn! It’s been long, sunny and not too cold. But leaves are tired and raking has been my daily routine…       Paint Party Friday         Have a spooooky weekend!  

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