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Blog dating 11.11.2009 – welcome! Blogideitit 11.11.2009 – tervetuloa!

Let’s start blog dating! First of all I want to introduce you to my very first commentator, EBRUFIN, a Finnish blogger who lives in Turkey with her family. She writes in Finnish but she’s fluent in English too! Next. My loyal blogger commentators for about a year now. Men first (or a man sorry there’s only one) MYTHOPOLIS This

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empty head… tyhjä takki ja pää…

Today my head is empty. I have nothing to say. How about you? Tänään minulla on takki ja pää tyhjänä. Ei ole mitään sanottavaa. Entä sinulla? ps. and have a good day! / ja mukavaa päivän jatkoa!

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thank you readers! kiitos lukijani!

Thank you all who are reading my blog! Kiitos kaikille blogini lukijoille! I got a badge of Top 100 Expat Blogs. This is an exception, I accepted this award… You find my blog here. Here’s the badge Top 100 Blogs “The Daily Reviewer selects only the world’s top blogs (and RSS feeds). We sift through

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Matkustan huomenna tiistaina Helsinkiin. Seuraava blogipostaus tullee loppuviikosta ja aiheesta joka silloin on Suomessa tapetilla! Siihen asti voitte kommentoida aiempia postauksia. elokuun kuu 9.8.2009 klo 22:17 Kairo, Egypti Mukavaa viikkoa kaikille!

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Greetings from Helsinki! Terveiset Helsingistä!

Good morning everybody!It’s grey, not too warm but okay to go to the dentist today! autch! I tried to post edited version of the ‘pink pyramid’ with your words but could not. It says something fails because of HTML even if I don’t use HTML….So, I’m sorry, no edited WO*IMA this week….but on Saturday there

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