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Rumball Sparkling Shiraz by BLOGitse

sparkling new year

    All the best for this year 2015 to all my readers!     We started this year with yummy Australian Rumball red sparkling – our favorite!           Just before holidays I practiced my left hand again…   Paint Party Friday         ps. If you’re a Blogspot

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Why Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

Why some Blogger bloggers are so stubborn? Why is it so difficult to change your comment settings so that it would be easy to leave a comment? Why some of you give only google account option? Why, please tell me! Why can’t you have Name/URL option? That way we (other than Blogger bloggers) would get

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commenting – blogger vs. wp?

As you know I’ve had this self-hosted blog now less than a week. Exploring and commenting other blogs I’ve noticed a new dilemma. Here I am leaving a comment on The Fifty Factor blog. She has a WordPress address but Blogger as a platform. (hm…is that correct way to say it?)   oooops, I can

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'server error' – Draft-only issue – problem isolated…

I got information from the forum that the Draft problem should’ve been solved.“Thanks everyone; we’ve isolated this problem as a Draft-only issue, which we’ve documented here:knownissuesKeep an eye on that Known Issues post for the latest updates, and in the meantime you can continue to upload photos from non-draft (”I want to see if this

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'server error'

I’m not the only one who has a problem uploading photos.But it seems impossible to get help…Blogger in Draft has changed the picture upload system and now I can’t upload any pics from my computer – it says ‘server error’ – nothing wrong with my computer(s) or connection (tested several times)…Anybody else having this problem? 

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UPDATED: I can't upload pics from my computer!? heeelp!

I can upload pictures only  from Picasa,  URL  or from ‘this blog’ –  NOT from my computer! What has happened? Can you help me? UPDATE: I tried to post my actual posting for today but it didn’t work.  I inserted an url but no picture. Now I’m trying to get help but it seems to be

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one problem solved and fun with google translator! yksi ongelma ratkennut sekä hauskaa googlen kääntäjällä…

Muistatteko kun jokin aika sitten postasin kun en päässyt kommentoimaan joitakin blogeja vaikka muut bloggerin bloggaajat pääsivät? No, ongelma ratkesi muutama päivä sitten. Koko vyyhti lähti purkautumaan gmailistä jossa en pystynyt editoimaan tekstiä, en lihavoimaan, en vaihtamaan fonttia tms. kesken kirjoituksen tai sen jälkeen kun olin dokumentin tehnyt valmiiksi. En voinut tajuta miksi ‘vain minulla’ oli tämä

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