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by bus to Bronte beach Sydney by BLOGitse

weekend #18 – Bronte beach Sydney

  but first my entry to   Paint Party Friday   This is how I felt 27.4.  Quiet.       And now to the beach!   ‘Sydney memories’   We take bus number 378     after 20-30 mins we see…     our favorite beach in Sydney – Bronte   Let’s continue  

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Bronte beach cliffs, Sydney… part 2.

  Previous post > here   Art of nature!     Do you see a silhouette of a man here?     Is it an American Indian?     What do you see here? 🙂     Shadow Shot Sunday   Sundays In My City   Have a relaxing weekend! ps. I’ll be near Cortona,

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Bronte beach cliffs, Sydney…

  Our favorite beach in Sydney! read about it here > Bronte beach                               More details of this cliff coming next week! 🙂   It’s Mother’s Day in Finland on Sunday. Check my greeting to my mom here > BLOGitse  

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bubbles and splashes…

  Photos of the weekend #9 / bubbles and splashes   Hi everyone! We’re still in Sydney but on Monday back in Casa….oh, boy… I want to stay here!!!! 🙂   We played with bubbles         These splashes I shot at Bronte beach Sydney                

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