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men's fashion? by BLOGitse

are you fashionista?

  I’m not but I like painting/drawing! 🙂     Paint Party Friday   These are for Theme Art challenge March 2018 ‘wordless story’ – Teemakuun kollaasi maaliskuussa tarina ILMAN SANOJA (tarinani koostuu yhteensä kuudesta kuvasta)   tässä postauksessa kuvat   #2-3/6       Some bloggers still limit who can leave a comment on

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dancing couple ink painting by BLOGitse

dance, dance with me!

Time to dance MORE LIGHT -dance! Our daylight is now about 10,5 hours! Yes! I don’t mind freezing cold weather, no, I love LIGHT DAYS! Let’s dance!   Paint Party Friday   It’s March and new Theme Art challenge is   ‘wordless STORY’   This #1/6     All my 29faces Feb 2018 pics are

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can you see pica picas? by BLOGitse

inspired by pica picas…

  Hi everyone! It’s gone, oh yes, November!!! And now it’s less than three weeks for winter solstice! dadadadaaaa….     Can you see pica picas on top of the trees?     10.11.2017     If not, here’s a collage   I tried to draw, paint a pica pica…no luck. But then I just

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watercolor trees by BLOGitse

weekend #28 – summer greens

  My entry for   Paint Party Friday   is green   trees I saw from a window…         and a few close-ups       And now a few photos with green           Here’s music I love, to listen and DANCE! Do you like this kind of

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Digital Fun Challenge #35 'dancer' by BLOGitse

Digital Fun Challenge #34 ‘dance’

  Digital Fun Challenge #35   theme is   >>> to dance/dancer(s) / tanssia/tanssija(t) <<<     Here’s my entry   A model in my art class 🙂 – ‘a dancer’ made by my own hands! 🙂       Show me yours!     Welcome to play along!     Nyt on sinun vuorosi

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