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digital fun challenge #30 'me' by BLOGitse

Digital Fun Challenge is back!

  This is #30 of   Digital Fun Challenge (First time here? check a couple of my old entries here or search with that title on the sidebar menu. Join the game, play along!)     theme   >>> me (I/myself) / minä <<<   Here’s my entry     Here’s a new button, you

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photos of the weekend #41

photos of the weekend #41 “On 7 June 2010, the Helsinki Central railway station was officially renamed Helsingin päärautatieasema-Helsingfors centralstation (Helsinki main railway station, or Helsinki central railway station) in Finnish and Swedish, replacing the previous official name Helsingin rautatieasema-Helsingfors järnvägsstation (Helsinki railway station). The Finnish transport bureau use “Helsinki C” as a shorthand, and

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renewed digital fun challenge starts here on Monday…

My regular readers know how I tried to start ‘SUMO digital fun challenge’ on my main blog. Soon I (and my readers, thank you!) noticed that people use different softwares and one more would’ve been too much work. And those who didn’t use any software…didn’t want play. sigh! I listened… renewed challenge starts HERE on

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