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EDITED version: your WOrds & my IMAges = WO*IMA #51

your WOrds about this IMAge #50: Yaelian Bubbles in my coffee?  GutsyWriter My beautiful new necklace with gemstones is hugging my favorite coffee which I spilled in an arc to hug the gems.  SusuPetal One more cup of coffee before I go…  sirokko This is the my new golden necklace, I hide it in the tea pot

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Living in Emergency Documentary: Stories of Doctors Without Borders

Most of the people are going nuts shopping xmas presents.It’s time to stop for a minute. This is not funny nor beautiful but it’s true, REAL LIFE. “This film gets to the very core of who we are and why we exist.” —Thierry Allafort-Duverger Former head of the emergency team for MSF-France More about this

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