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Sibelius, Kusama and me

  8.12.2016 is composer Jean Sibelius‘s day (8.12.1865 – 20.9.1057) I love his music.   Finlandia Hymn is mostly sung in Finnish but these guys sing it quite well in English, right?   There are lots of versions of this piece also called ‘A Song of Peace’.       The other day I visited

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theme art left hand_1 by BLOGitse

theme art January 2016/ teemakuun taidetta

    What a beginning for a new year: first I had terrible flu and then I didn’t have inspiration to paint/draw. I tried and tried. Finally I took a marker pen and just doodled….suddenly I got the feeling ‘now…now it comes…’ dots, lines, put watercolor on my left hand, more and more, wet the

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